Former COD lead returns to Infinity Ward

Via Polygon: Former COD Lead designer Todd Alderman has returned to Infinity Ward after leaving to help create Respawn.

Alderman will now be the Multiplayer Design Director for IW.


Don’t care. COD, A great game that I have unfortunately grown tired of. They could bring in the god of all gods of game development and it wouldn’t change my outlook on it.


Other points of interest in the article for new hires at infinity ward are:

“new narrative design lead Taylor Kurosaki, formerly of Naughty Dog; lead game designer Jacob Minkoff, also formerly of Naughty Dog; and principal rendering engineer Michal Drobot, who was the 3D programmer on Far Cry 4.”

It’ll be all for nothing if the next game is COD:Ghosts 2 Lol!

I agree. Been there, done that. I’m not sure what they could do to get me interested in CoD again.

They need to go back to the roots and make a good war FPS, Not a twitch shooter and nothing as extreme as BF but a sweet spot in the middle.

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You know, I’m in the minority, but I still love playing COD. I enjoy it because it is quick and can be shirt. Hop on, have a few rounds of mayhem and hop off. Sometimes you get frustrated and pissed off, and the next time you’re going 35 and 5. Personally, I don’t care who is working on it, and most of them have become a blur to me - forgetting which one has which maps and such.

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IW is still a thing?

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I don’t care which developer brings COD to the market, they’re all usually about the same. I also like you can get quick matches in and hop off; the addition of the exo has made it more fun this iteration. Nothing funnier to me than jumping above competitor an send noob tube “in the face”, or just stomping heads.