Fortnite 20 Player Squads coming soon

A new limited game mode is coming to Fortnite soon. 20 player Squads. Can we get a full GRG team?


Fucking ridiculous.

I’m in.


Holy, So in. I am sure we could get a good size group going.

The special game modes are fun and mix things up. Plus they keep them around just long enough.

I’d totally be up for a GRG take over!

Yea I’d give this a whirl, sure why not. While I’m at it, I’ll stick a lit sparkler in my dick hole


Usually I just play the XBox without sparklers but if that makes you play better then who am I to judge.

Idk if I’d say better but I do it cause it’s fun and makes me feel good


The unlit side, of course. But I could be talked into trying the sparkley side, but just the tip.

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I’m in. No sparklers.

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well, I’m a noob. And suck in pvp. But if you need another body to throw bullets around, I’m in. also sans sparklers

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So, it appears that you will only be able to queue up as a squad of 4 for this new mode.

So, unless we just try to start at the same time and see if we sync up, we’ll be limited to groups of 4.


They say the squad that gets slayed together, stays together. Break out the Geritol and Depends! I am in for a weekend slaughter!

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Had some fun in Fortnite BR last night with @forch124, plus Forch77 and Speedy.

Then joined up with @KidCarthy and his mate.
Pleased to find another couple of non-US members in GRG who didn’t find my accent weird.

Got to the last few in our final game, think we ended up coming 2nd, perched atop a mountain firing down at people attacking from all sides. That was intense.

Odd, haven’t detected an accent when reading your posts. :smirk:

That last stand sounds like a real pucker clencher.

I should try BR more. Only been in once. Would prefer to go in paired or in team. Having plenty of fun in PvE though.

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