Forza Motorsport 7 -Oct 2017

Good article talking about the upcoming release and many of the various features in the game. Turn 10 studios highlights through the interview the dynamics of the game and how some things were made possible.

Normally i cut and paste the article info but this article is so long that i have to just provide yall the link.

This is a game i know i am excited about and probably get in day 1.

I am getting it.

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Forza 7 vs Forza 6 comparison

I’m looking forward to this and some more GRG race nights. I enjoyed Forza Horizons 3 a lot but really wanted some standardized tracks.

Cool thing with this is we can not only race together but also set up some hot lap races. Pick a car, build and track and see who can get the best time.

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New feature, small but an added one, is to be able to customize your driver


Finally a reason to break the wheel back out. It was impossible to use in FH3 when you are airborne most of the time. Can’t wait.

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So in theory I could make a driver who is tinged very red…hmmmmm

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oddly enough…looking at a couple different gaming sites and review sites.

Among Critics and Users it seems the listing to best racing game goes:

  1. Forza Horizon 3
  2. Forza Motorsport 6
  3. Project Cars

Track listings revealed

Fuck… I’m gonna hafta buy a wheel again!

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See, I prefer Forza 4 and 5 over 6. I couldn’t get the feel for the cars, but as Digitial said, it makes a huge difference with a wheel. I may pick up 7. I do really enjoy these games aside from the Horizon series.

What was wrong with the horizon series? I enjoyed FH3. I do miss standard tracks and will get 7.

Feels too arcady. Like Need For Speed.

Needz da real races bro!

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