Fresh Meat

Hello my new brethren, i come by you way of reddit. I am an exclusive ps4 and vita gamer (DoucheMouth) and joined to become a part of a Destiny community, so i’m really looking forward to raiding with you all.


Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to GRG

Welcome to wonderful world of GRG

Welcome to the nuthouse.

Welcome to GRG Douche.

Welcome to GRG.

Welcome to GRG !


Welcome! Interesting name!

Shocker PSN is down so I couldn’t send you a FR

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I would’ve be more detailed in my reply to your last post had I realised you are a newcomer!

PSN: Olz_3

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I saw your request unobtainaballs, added!

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Welcome to the crew! PSN: DuvalFunk