Friday night raid? 10/14

@DestinyPlayers Friday 10/14 I’m looking to run the wrath of the machine. With battlefield fast approaching I figured this weekend before early release is my best shot at getting this thing done. I’ll be online screwing around in destiny and such after 4:00pm est until the wee hours, so if you see me online or in discord send me a msg and we can form up a team. Maybe we can get it streaming… @OmniscientShark

I am down for this. Was also looking to see if anyone wanted to run it tonight (thurs) as well.

I might be able to lend a gun tonight after 9 if someone drops or your short. Trying to not get murdered by mrs aj

I’m out tonight (ReaperCast) but will be up to run through this weekend. I’d like to get past our checkpoint. @TexasReaperCrew


Get gud

I would also like to finish it with our group. It’s personal now. Damn clean rooms

No shit. That was just wrong.

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I am in. What are you guys running with? I was using the Zhalo Supercell and a void fusion rifle.

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I am in

Throwing knives and smoke grenades. Get on my level son.

I am up for running tomorrow maybe. Tonight is iffy, I ran over something on freeway the other day so got to get my truck into a shop today and get a rental, fun times. I just got to discuss with wife see if anything going on this weekend.

Are u on ps4 I’d so I am in

That’s a solid gun for the middle, the chain lightning helps keep the ads away. I have the perk in my armor to carry more ammo because that thing eats it up like a fat kid and cake.

I would be interested in running. Got to the clean room fight last night but struggled with DPS. I am at 358

Ran out a couple of times and we were almost over run right away. Plenty of ammo laying around but I had the hammer down and didn’t realize I was running out.

We usually have the lower LL throw the bombs and the higher ones kill ads. Still haven’t made it past the clean rooms though.

I think it’s better for the high levels to throw. Sometimes you gotta hold the bomb while the rest pick em up. Defenseless is not a good way to be if you can’t take a few bullets. The timing on the throws is extremely crucial. Also coordinating supers is a huge plus. I know la la and I were on the same side both nightstalkers… and a few times we popped our supers at the same time.

I think it’s a good strategy on the captain wave for myself to tether the center captain and la la to tether ours. I did it a few times and it did work. My super recharges fast enough where I can get it back for dps.

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I was having @APMech12 through bombs, he was 365ish and I’m 385. I figured i could do more damage to clear adds and kill captain while he focused on bomb. We didn’t really have issues on our side much I don’t believe once he started throwing the bombs, cause I was throwing them first than switched it up later.

I also always used Nightstalker Super on captains.

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