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So I got sucked into a youtube vortex and found myself at this guy’s channel who covers various songs with a heavy metal composition. The videos are quite entertaining, and it’s interesting to hear some of these interpretations.

One in particular made me think of @Lala_Calamari

My personal fave up to this point is this though:

He also did a pretty mean cover of Wham’s “Last Christmas” that is interesting/funny/good/rockin’

It may not be everyone’s taste but I thought someone else might get a kick out of some of this shit.

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Kind diggin it. Hate metal screams but they did ok and girly was Kinda hawt

I’ve been listening to Leo’s covers for about a year now. I really like most of his stuff. His cover of Adele’s “Hello” is great.

Been listening to him for about a year as well. Hello, Africa, Eye of the Tiger, Danger Zone, Final Countdown, and Ghostbusters are some of my favorites.

Love that Africa cover. Kinda sounds like the Deftones.

that’s what I thought too @D1G1TALC1PHERS

that is pretty sweet. thanks for the share.

edited to add the Take On Me cover is so freaking sweet.

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dude. I can’t click play on this fast enough.

wow man, i think i found a new fav song!


@Lala_Calamari will probably like this one.

literally just listening to him as I was scanning the forums… strange

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The puppets are awesome.

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The Slipknot Cover is pretty awesome too.

I am irrationally happy about this Thriller cover!

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