Fuck EVE Online

That’s right, fuck this game.

I applied to a large player faction 2 weeks ago and got accepted today. That’s how long it takes them to vette you to make sure you’re not a spy. Whatever.

Then, I get the invite to join today and get an auto response of MORE things I need to do.

  1. Register on another forums site for fleet comms.
  2. Download, install, and register an account with Mumble.
  3. Download, install, and register an account with Jabber.
  4. Download, install, and register an account with TeamSpeak.

I will buy 300 copies of the next Destiny, give David Braben of Frontier Developments a blow job, and let Cloud Imperium games pound me in the ass while I bankrupt myself buying every ship on their website before I fucking play EVE again.

Sub cancelled.
I’m out.

OMG! I filled out less paperwork buying my fucking house!!


I’m a little confused… I’m taking it you didn’t like the game or community???

Get ESO for XBox and join GRG’s Guild. I can guarantee we have no standards or prerequisites.

So funny to see the Mumble and Teamspeak requirements. One VOIP isn’t good enough? And why not discord, that would handle everything (as evident in GRG’s Discord Server. Everyone should join that).

Jabber is still a thing? Tons of better options. One being Discord. But there’s a lot more (and open source if they want to go that route).

BTW, I’m sure this is why they are worried about spies.

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It’s the community but that’s just it. Game has been out 14 years. You ain’t getting shit done if you don’t join a player group.

Everyone has explored every corner of the game map. There is nowhere you can just fuck off and do your own thing. You have to join a large player faction just for protection.

Too bad you’re so antisocial and unwilling to work with others. You’re going to miss out on the most expensive battle ever.

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