Funcom enters 6 year deal to make games based of the Dune IP.

Funcom has entered into an exclusive partnership with Legendary Studios to develop games based on the works of Frank Herbert’s DUNE, one of the world’s best known science fiction universes with multiple adaptations into movies, games and other media.

This is a six year partnership to release at least three titles on the PC/Console platforms, with one of the games planned to be in the “Open World Multiplayer” genre that will enter into pre-production in Funcom’s Oslo studio during 2019.

Entering into this partnership is in line with the company’s strategy of working with strong Intellectual Properties, allowing for two different vast and well known universes – CONAN and DUNE – to be available for the Company’s games.

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements acc. to §5-12 vphl (Norwegian Securities Trading Act)

Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands, 26 February 2019

Funcom N.V.

I will take a Dune survival game please, thanks!


Sounds cool. Probably take at least 12 for them to come out with anything though.

Three awesome games growing up was the Dune adventure game, Dune 2 RTS, and Dune 2000 RTS with updated graphics and voice actors.

I hope it won’t be a bad tie-in for the movie.

I only ever read the (first?) book.
It was great.

Any other media worth consuming?
Bear in mind I don’t cope well with movies pre-1990 or games with dated graphics…

If you can find it, there was a very good miniseries produced in 2000. I have been hoping they put it to digital but the last time I looked they haven’t.

:poop: 480p streamable

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Love this site.