Gamestop in buyout talks.

Gamestop in talks with private firms regarding a buyout, after posting a net loss of 105.9 million last fiscal year.

Hopefully, these firms offer them $6 for the buyout.



We all knew this was coming as games go full digital.

Good riddance…its those fackers that make me get up and put a disk in when i need to switch games…If i recall correctly both PS and xbox wanted to make a purchase one and done and the gamestops of the world cried but the secondary market…gaming has changed…there is no market for used DVDs nor used games anymore, as it changes over time with DLC and such, i suspect new consoles may not have removable media drives at all.

I used to love going into a Gamestop to buy a new game and the sales person would be pushing the used copy on me. $60 for new, $55 for used?

Fuck off gamestop with that shit.


My favorite was when the nitwit at the counter tried to give me a disc that looked used in a package marked as new. I think it was the demo game they were using or someone took it home to play. I got pissed.

I have fond memories of riding my bike four miles to the nearest gamestop when I was a little kid. It was sad to see the store decline so rapidly. It really went to shit when they started aggressively pushing their membership rewards card-reminds me of when I worked at Blockbuster and we had this relentless drive to push online rentals.