Garden of Salvation XBOX Raid 9pm FRIDAY!! 12/6/19


We are back at it with a beautiful new Vex raid being compared to the Vault of glass.
We made great progress last week…lets get it done this week

Well here we are; looks like some ppl want to run 2x per week and others can only do one night or the the other…well maybe this will be the new normal

  • The Raid is 940… (be at least 940 please)
  • Please educate yourself (YouTube etc.) the more you know the better it is for the group (see above)
  • Signed up people gets spots before show ups (and showing up is fine but hard to plan for)
  • If we have more than one team running (more than 2 full groups last week, barely) I will try to balance the teams but keep ppl together that want to run together (think @Sniper_T1 and @Destroyert1 ) I will fail please don’t yell at me, it will hurt my feelings
  • great week last week…servers down Friday and had needed a few more alts/subs to keep rolling for Saturday…we try to get everyone a slot and balance the teams…I do my best; please be cool…and we will get everyone through some day…we keep making progress, more alts backup helps us keep going
  • Our goal to get our GRG guardians comfortable with working with each other and having a good time.
  • I will create a draft roster THURSDAY evening so we can see where are at and make adjustments as needed, please check back, I will post in discord too
  • This is the FRIDAY thread (I used 2 different images to help us keep the thread separate)

I’m in

BitterHarliquin and I are in.

I’m in

you can put me as an alt tonight. Im a bit of a maybe.

I was waiting for a 6th…
Raid group :Tango

  • SourSmokE89
  • Cupc4keCh4os
  • BitterHarliquin
  • sabre7d
  • Grex (ALT)
  • [Random]

did not get it so you will need to pull someone in…I hope to be able to be on by 9:15 but no guarantees

Great run in the raid. Made it to the final encounter.

Good job. Haven’t beat that third boss yet.