Garden of Salvation XBOX Raid 9pm SATURDAY 1/11/20


  • The Raid is 940… (be at least 940 please)
  • Please educate yourself (YouTube etc.) the more you know the better it is for the group (see above)
  • Signed up people gets spots before show ups (and showing up is fine but hard to plan for)
  • we had been making good runs but we will need to aim for 6 ppl and then add another night when we can…we keep making progress, more alts/backup helps us keep going
  • Our goals are to get our GRG guardians comfortable with working with each other and to have a good time (maybe get some loot).
  • Let us know if you are in by signing up below

I apologize for my tardiness posting this…I’m at a conference and am running a 1/2 marathon on the morning tomorrow…so I was not focused on the raid…I plan to be an alt for tomorrow/Sat but will make sure everyone gets on teams that wants to run…2 teams last week and we are super close to beating this bitch

I will be on. @valiantvictory i will help get things together.

Im down

I’m down, will need a little help with mechanics though, have only seen it done on Youtube / twitch.

I’m down

Im down

Sign me up.

Ok so far team Prime


Thank you @Grex I’m at Disney springs…was gonna be a bit before I got back to room

I’m sorry guys. Fiancé had something of an emergency and I wasn’t able to get on for the raid. Hope everything went okay for you guys!