Gday mate from Australia!

My names Cameron and I’m 25.
I currently play on Ps4, got it a few months back and am loving it so far. Played on ps3 for 8 years and have dabbled in PC gaming most of my gaming career.

Was heavily addicted to The Division, fairly unstoppable in the Dark zone with my mates, however this addiction saw many best sellers still sealed in my cupboard. Cracked Battlefield 4 open a few nights ago and have found my new addiction! Looking for a crew to play with as no one I know plays BF4. I want to git gud before the new one comes out in October.

Games I have played a lot of (past few months)
The Division
Black Ops 3
Battlefield 4

I have most of the top games, battlefront, last of us, rocket league ect. So can play almost anything at any time if people are keen!

Laid back as fuck. I like to have a laugh and get on the piss while playing but that (usually) doesn’t effect my skill.

Feel free to add me to Psn: Camicles

Especially if you play BF4, as it’s my current flavor of the month! Will be on the Division quite a bit too.



Welcome to the community.

Welcome to GRG

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome aboard.

Thanks guys! @LanceHung that’s the same as me, love the Division but a lot is broken right now and I don’t like the incursion at all. Dz is ny favorite place but it was time to give some other games a try!

Awesome! Thanks. Will be on in a couple of hours!

Welcome to GRG

Welcome bud.

I like the BF titles but find it difficult to become good at them, got into BG2 (I think?) but each one seems a new curve all over again…
Couldn’t decide whether to look into BF4 or wait for BF1.

Welcome !
Mnvikesfan612 on ps4

Welcome to the community! PSN:DaKlown4Life

welcome to the community, you are our 2nd aussie.

PSN: Audible Silence

Welcome to da crew! PSN: Duvalfunk

Welcome to the community! PSN: AlphaMack

Oih, throw another rat on the Barbie ya bloddy tosser.

and welcome.

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Welcome to GRG!

Welcome top the shit show! You’ll have to let people know that to an Aussie getting “Pissed”=Drunk.