Gears of War 4 Events Thread

I’d like to get a Horde mode event going and clear all 50 waves. If you haven’t jumoed into Horde mode yet, what you’ll find out is jagholes don’t stay very long. A lot of times, by wave 5 you’re down 1-2 people. Let’s get 5 GRG knuckledicks together and take a run at Casual mode first so everyone can get their feet wet. We can progress to Normal the next time. I’m looking at starting this up Sunday evening, say 7-8pm-ish Central. Plan on a few hours to get through it. Who would be interested? Please sign up if so.

Also, I’ll be running some ranked matches in MP tonight, so please feel free to join me. If ranked scares you for now, we can do some social quickplay matches instead. The faster you rank though, the quicker you’ll be in good ol’ bronze tier with me!

10/23 @ 7pm Central - Horde Mode (Casual) - Need 2 more


I would love to join you but I have to be @ work at 11 pm I’m off Monday night after 10pm and all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday if that helps . I work 3rd shift so my playtimes get a little wonky when I’m not on my days off

ill be joining in a few days, and I intend to kick some ass

Sign me up for this coming Sunday.

We’ll have to see if we have any interest. We’ll need 3 more people to run this with a full party. Any other takers, @GoWPlayers ?

Shit I didn’t even see this post… I’m in. Send me an invite whenever. As far as ranked … I’m your huckleberry