Getting back into destiny

Hey everyone I’m just getting back into destiny 2 and I plan on buying the new dlc. I noticed that cross save is now an option, and was thinking of picking it up on my xbox cuz it seems like the ps4 side of d2 isn’t active anymore but I was curious how active the xbox side is and if privatise are getting the new dlc.


xbox side is very active. we have a good dozen or so members active with Destiny right now. I am positive that number will grow when Shadowkeep drops. Some are taking time with Gears and BL3 dropping recently but they will be back. Myself included

@valiantvictory, @ezekielJP and the rest of the crew will get you in game and geared up in no time.


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Awesome thanks everyone! Also does anyone know how the cross save is gonna work. Like if I choose xbox could I go back to ps4 with all the stuff I got from xbox?

@Masonicmage has activated it…and will correct me if i get this wrong.

Created a post… this is what bungie says

Thanks, I just enable it so now I just gotta update my xbox and d2 since I haven’t turned on my xbox in like a year lol. I’m also gonna need an invite to the xbox clan on d2.

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Yup so whatever account you choose as your main account that will be your cross save account, they won’t delete your other D2 accounts so if at any time you want to switch which is your main account you can.

Got my cross save set up last night and played around on the xbox for a little while. Look forward to gaming with everyone on xbox! And my xbox tag is SourSmokEE89

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It’s been a while since I played, but I’m going to bring what little progress I have in PS4 to Xbox. I’ll look you up.

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lemme know when you do…I get you added to clan (xbox)