Ghstwlkrs/ Enyo Bellona status update

Ello Reapers,

So my apologies, I have been kinda AFK from the community for a bit. A lot has been happening here at the GHST house lately.

So whats been going on…A few of you may know that I have started to look at streaming and broadcasting. This kinda started with an interest in helping out the ReaperCast by looking into some video editing and publishing. Oh my…just WOW…there is so much that goes into these processes that, I think i might understand just a tiny bit why we stopped doing VideoCast. Quickly learning that most of these big streamers are not doing all of there productions alone and are in fact supported alot through viewer/ follower submissions for use in there channels. So instead of jumping in the figurative pool…I just jumped into the damn ocean not knowing how to swim and without a life vest.

But I have been learning a lot and well the outcomes of that so far is that I have reorganized my YouTube page, currently learning more about broadcasting software, Twitch castings are now being archived, uploading videos to YouTube, and well looking over my current Computer setups for much needed upgrades.

On the family front…My wife has been recently diagnosed with the need for lower back surgery. Here soon she will be having a lower spine fusion. But being the great woman she is…she is even in full swing with the support of pushing this streaming venture and learning about all things involved with it. Part of it will eventually play into a Jewelry making business that she is starting for Depression/ Special Needs awareness.

So its been quite busy here. As a shameless plug, if y’all have a moment or are just plain bored, please stop by my channels to view, criticize, or hopefully follow, like, and subscribe. Any and all advice is welcomed.

Thanks for taking the time to read this wall of post. Keep Gaming and stay frosty!



Sorry to hear about the wife. Checked out and subbed to your YouTube page. Keep on keeping on, man!

I hope all goes well with the wife and she has a speedy recovery.

Feel free to pimp your streaming stuff here, a lot of guys do it. Hit up @D1G1TALC1PHERS @Grex @quantumklutz @ReaperMan10 @TheKlown4Life and others for help. I’m sure they’ll assist in anyway.

I miss the ReaperCast vidcast. It’s a shame it was such a pain in the ass to get right. You aren’t even using Skype, that program is evil.

Yeah man glad to help out where I can. Also praying for a quick recovery for your better half.

Will check out you channel when I can but yeah you need to be dedicated, it’s not so trivial

To do streaming as well as content creatuon is a time sink. If you have the time to do that than more power to you. Unfortunately between work and family shit I break the #1 rule which is consistency. I never realized how much work went into recording gameplay, editing, commentary, creating a thumbnail, then trying to get people to watch it. Couple of tips is take advantage of Youtubes creator academy for tips on getting your channel up, running, monetized(if you are going for that). I found myself unsubscribing from a lot of big youtubers so as to not be tainted by what they are doing cuz they are pros and do it better. Also they have deals with the companies to do certain things in vids that if me or you tried to do they would immediately copyright strike our vids hardcore. Pro-tip always turn off in game music cuz that is a quick way to get a third party claim on your vid(which means someone else gets paid off your work) it has happened to me a couple times and each time it was for in game music. I am at the threshold of what i will put in monitarily (need a better PC) until i start to recoup some of the $300 or so i have already sunk in to it. To date i have almost made a whole $1 :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:! Other than that good luck i am already subbed to you and cant wait to see what you put out. Prayers for the family as well!

Hope everything goes well with the surgery. Sub’d and will keep eye out to see how things progress for ya.

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Nice banner. Good luck with your wife’s surgery.