GRG Community Night 12/16

Join GRG as we play private matches of Black Ops 3. Disneynut68 and beers and leafs will be running the CoD BLOPS3 on the Xbox side. RTuTTle86 and Audible Silence will be hosting a private CoD BLOPS 3 room on the PS4 side of the world.

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Bump as a reminder it’s clan night. So go to the liquor store and stock up on your favorite flavor of Bartles and Jaymes Wine coolers and let’s get silly with each other.

I’ll join in on black ops on the Xbox

I’m in for XBone BlOps nonsense. Everybody remember, Azalin is collecting flash bangs, so save them up for when he’s in the match.

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Flashbangs only?

I be on for awhile early.

Ill be there…