GRG Community Night 12/2

Join GRG as we play private matches of Black Ops 3 and some Star Wars Battlefront.

Disneynut68 will be hosting CoD BlOPS3 on the Xbox side as usual. TexasReaperCrew will be hosting a Star Wars Battlefront room on the XBox side. He makes a sexy Slave Leia!

RTuTTle86 and AlphaMack will be hosting a private CoD BLOPS 3 room on the PS4 side of the world. Cootersaurus Rex will be hositng the PS4 Star Wars Battlefront room, his blaster brings all the boys to the yard!

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I’ll be on tonight and will most likely hop between both Xbox rooms.

I promise I’ll be dressed as slave Leia, and drunk. Odds are I’ll show my moobs.


Ill be Luke ready to kiss my sister. Because Leia is pretty hot.

You need to take the roofies later in the day…

I’ll probably jump on for battlefront I don’t have the game only the 10 hour trial.

Hit up @TexasReaperCrew as he’ll be running that show tonight. Pantyless…


I will be on BLOPS early.

I will be on tonight around 8pm. Would like to have some private match fun in blops before checking out the new mode in battlefront.

I’d like to run some rainbow 6, but I’m probably the only one playing

If my XBone isn’t there yet I’m gonna try and convince my son to let me use his again tonight…so I may or may not be on.

Gonna try tonight, internets is working just don’t know how well.

Good games tonight. We almost had a full room. Too bad private lobby chat is so fucked up. I hope they fix that soon.

Thanks again for hosting Disney, had a blast with everybody.

Although I was late, at least I got my Xbone back, but last night was “awesome”!

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