GRG Community Night 12/7

It’s GRG’s Community Night. Let’s all gather up, grab a drink of choice and shoot each other in the face.

We have several games set for tonight’s community night. Something for everyone! Expect to see the Destiny neckbeards (@DestinyPlayers) grinding away in search of more and better loot. The CoD die hards playing with their Space Marines (or old school MW remake) (@CODPlayers). Then we’ll have squads running rampant on the Battlefield for BF1 (@BattlefieldPlayers). Maybe @HAWKLANDER and @Gunny will run into WW1 NPCs that they met during the Great War! Don’t forget some Titanfall 2 action on the XB1 and PS4 (@TitanfallPlayers) and finally the Gearheads in GoW4 (@GoWPlayers).
Look for things to pick up around 9:00PM EST.

So what are you playing and on what console?

As always, feel free to join in on any GRG Staff Member.

I will most likely be on BF1 playing non-texas style. Which means I’ll be playing THE FUCKING OBJECTIVE! (@TexasReaperCrew @TheBodyFarmer).

If not, maybe I could be convinced to play TF2. That’s doubtful though. Also would like to play some STO but @anon3687162 will just yell at me. :frowning:

BF1 works for me.

This is Lala in STO.

Going to try and get on tonight and up for Division, BF1, or TF2.

I’ll be playing either bf1, tf2, or division. Hopefully tf2 will draw some bodies tonight because I need to start unlocking some gear in the mp side of the game.

One more clip of Lala in STO.

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I’ll be online between 8-10. BF1 most likely.

The wife is hogging the xbox so ill be on gears on my pc. Probably start a horde room around 9pm est.

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I’ll be interested in some Division or amazing RIFT gameplay on Destiny. I mean who doesn’t love RIFT as the IB game type!!!

Think you’re alone there buddy…

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I will be playing COD at 9

BF1 for me. Although Division is tempting. Want to run some HVTs.

Decisions decisions. I kinda want to hop on some more TF2 if there is interest. I also may hop on BF1 on ps4 side to bolster the ranks over there for sqauds. So many good games to play. I’m sure I’ll see some of ya’ll melting faces tonight!

Wasn’t feeling well and bailed super early. Good night! Hope you guys have fun.

Good times in bf1 with @Lala_Calamari @mnvikesfan @Sniper_T1 @Azalin4savioR @shortbus @APMech12 @Shadowboxer @bigtrees86 @anon42851937 and toofat

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Yup good times tonight. Games were good except for ting and his friggin tanks. Nothing like getting shot down more than once by a tank.

I can be persuaded into the rift.

Perhaps after the draft tonight… I have not partaken in the Iron Banana yet.

I will probably jump in sometime this week end.