GRG Community Night 4/6 - Danger Zone Edition



Join us tonight for another GRG Community Night as GRG falls into the Danger Zone. Every Wednesday we make it our goal to get as many GRG in the same game / party chat and shoot faces and the shit. Tonight’s Community night offers a wide array of games to play.

On the XBox side, Grex and Lala Calamari will be looking to take over a Dark Zone in The Division tonight. Lets squad up and earn all the loots. If there is enough interest, beers and leafs will run a BLOPS3 room. If not, he’ll also head into The Division as well. We’ll also have a ton of GRG in ZombieSwepper’s Ark server. Hit up ZombieSwepper, D1G1TALC1PHERS and TexasReaperCrew for more info.

On the PS4 Klown4Life is going to try to form up a group for RB6 Siege. If he can’t get enough RB6 folks to come out, he’s going to the shiny penny (The Division) as well.


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Just an FYI, it’s very important to let us know what games / console you’ll be on so we can form proper rooms. The BLOPS3 and RB6 rooms may not happen if people don’t sign up here.

Going Division tonight . Need some gold gear/weapons for incursion event . On the sexbox as always .

I’ll join up with @Grex and @Lala_Calamari for DZ and whining about new patch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

looking to own the xbox dz. I want it all

I’ll be down for some dz time on xbone. I’ll look for you guys. Shoot me an invite if I show up before you. FYI only lvl 18 in the zone. Been crazy busy this past week to put any time in.

I will be on The Division tonight I am level 19 Looking to hit level 30 so I can level up in the DZ. Looking to team up with people tonight who are in the same boat, or are down to help a brother out

DZ for me too.

I’ll be cruising he ARK oceans tonight. Hit me up for anyone new wanting to try it out on the Xbox.

I should be on The Division just hit 30 I need some better gear.

Had a blast with GRG members for most the day, thanks for the invites. Had fun running around in the DZ, got all the dailies done.

I would count RB6 a success! I had only 2 others but it was @Cootersaurus, aka The Unicorn, aka PS4’s Claude and even @LanceHung put down The Division and played a couple matches (It is now reported that the Devs have caught up to him now)

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As requested.


I used the new feature on the PS4 to set up my community night event. It works well and allows me to post it and invite everyone who belongs to the GRG PS community. However it only lets a max of 8 people rsvp and creates a private party chat for the event so if you dont get invited you cant get in. So its good for letting people know about an event and inviting everyone but not ideal overall

Yup def good times last night running around dz with @Lala_Calamari @Grex and @ghstwlkr. The drops were sad and the absolute beatings we took from high level rogues were worse but it was still good times.

We tried getting 8 in a DZ together. That turned into a clusterfuck once a few really high level rogues went after us. After that we split up the 8 man as we kept getting separated on the servers.

We did well once we had our group. Loot was weak. Gained a few DZ ranks. Really looking forward to a game were we can a large group of GRG together in. Hopping Overwatch offers private matches.