GRG Community Night 5/20

Alright heathens it’s that time of the week again. It’s GRG’s weekly Community Night! Let’s get some squads formed and get some games in together. We'll have people playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Destiny 2, Borderlands 3, and now Division 2!!! Post up what you’re playing tonight! Never Game Alone!

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COR Multiplayer all night. Let’s get enough heads for some custom games

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Ok. I’m on cod

COD tonight

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Planning on some CoD tonight.

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Will be on COD.

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If I am on tonight I’ll be playing CoD. Might be on around 8pm.

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COD…MP…for me…

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COD for me.

I’ll be on CoD as well.


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just me all by my lonesome in D2

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You’re always welcome to come play some CoD in between Destiny seasons.

We had a large lobby in CoD last night. 18 if I remember correctly.

GG to all that joined in on the CoD Customs. Even though some of the customs were straight out rage inducing… Dropzone on Rust???

Anyway, thanks to all those that joined.

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Had a good time last night.
Still wish there was a plunder mode or mini-Warzone map for 20-30 players to do custom games on.


I had a good time too. Wednesday nights have become a bit of an oasis for me.

Wish your idea would materialize. Perhaps we should email or tweet IW and suggest this.

My suggestion to them would be “fix your dam gam. sick of poor audio in WZ, crappy lag in WZ and Gulag, and hackers still being there - get rid of cross play”
Then I would suggest the smaller maps.

Your suggestions are valid and urgently needed. But there is little to no financial gain. Activision has our $. And they want the money of those who downloaded Warzone for free.

Imo, since Warzone that has been the primary focus of Activision and IW. The game we bought has suffered as a consequence.