GRG Community Night 5/27 House of Whores Edition

Another round of the world famous GRG Community Night. This week we are featuring the wonderful Destiny DLC, House of Whores. Also, we’ll have some rooms of CoD: Advanced Whores running. Join us for some beer drinking, ball busting, roofie laced night of fun.


PS, Gunny is a whore!

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I’ll be up for some Destiny: House of Whores or CoD:Advanced Whores.

After I set up my new router.

i will be on tonight. haven’t decided if COD or Destiny yet. i will flip a coin later.

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I will be on, but likely after 10 central unless we have a rainout. Baseball season has begun. Likely playing Destiny, see if I can actually get somewhere near 30.

Destiny. Wanna do the nightfall, crucible or PoE.

My A/C is fixed, and that means i can game tonight!!

Destiny, ready to run any mode.

Least im a pretty whore!

I probably won’t be on. Coaching my son at 6:15 and then my daughter at 8:30. Very slim chance.

Call off Duty for me .

Headed home stocked for clan night!

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If my updates complete… CoD

Game was late, and oldest decided to start in on me after the game. I’ll get some gaming in tomorrow night after the Reapercast.

jumped on destiny last night since i played COD last week. played PVP for a bit, then played VOG with tuttle, crid, assassin, edaw, and maui… Then some got off, 3 of them went for the lvl 34 PoE, so i went back to PVP… Lance joined me for a bit before he got off.

I got a sick 5 kills within a few seconds. saved the clip. I got a few guns and armor that i dont know anything about. i upgraded some guns i dont know much about… i dunno what to do with all the resources… if i should keep ranking up FWC or not… i have all these vanguard and crucible points i dunno what to do with, (althought i did buy some boots from FWC).

still hate this game for the small group sizes, always leaves an odd man out, when we were raiding, somebody else was left out, then when 3 of them were PoE, I was out till somebody joined later, but then are levels were pretty far apart…

We had a good run in CoD:AW on the XBox side. Ran a private lobby all night. Did the usual mix of games. I really miss Sticks and Stones on Nuketown. Or just Nuketown in general.

I’m looking forward to the Clan Wars this weekend. First one I’ve been in. Trying to get my “moneys” worth out of CoD before TESO devours my soul.

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