GRG Destiny group pics/vids

Hey @DestinyPlayers let’s get a thread going of the moments we are bringing the glory of GRG to ROI.
Posed or candid shots of GRG…
This is @TexasReaperCrew @Sniper_T1 and me climbing the mountain (I made them stop for a pic like an old dad does)


@SALT @Sniper_T1 and me in a Gondola selfie

Here’s @Sniper_T1 being burned alive by yours truly

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Check your files nerd! Can’t see the pic! Haha

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Here’s ya boy chillin

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Beat it, nerd

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Here’s me getting atop the wrong ship in the first mission.

and this is my suggestion for dealing with large groups of adds when trying to hold an area (Titan bubble with Helm St 14).


Nice pics !

Tip. Do not get stuck inside one of these.
Turned out this guy was a self-rezzing warlock.

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Finding some good places to climb in the Plaguelands.
Still frustrating invisible walls and ceilings though.

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Obligatory wolf on the mountain shot (hud off)