GRG Events for the weekend of 7/29-31

We have a few things going this weekend for anyone interested.

Tonight (7/29) @Lala_Calamari will be running a BF:Hardline room. Let me know if you’re interested in joining. Or just hop into my open party.

Saturday Morning @quantumklutz and @ReaperMan10 will be earning all the lootz roaming the Underground in the Division. Hit them up if you’d like to gear up.

@anon58190329 is looking for Black Ops 3 Players to hit up Arena mode. Send him a message if you want in on that action.

Finally we’re looking to hold a WWE GRG WrassleMania Tournament. WWE2k16 is free in August so there’s no purchase required. Make sure to sign up here if interested. This will be a pretty good time. DO NOT MISS IT!

Anybody else running any rooms or Looking For Groups? Let us know. I’m sure there are a few Overwatch groups running.

Anybody on PS4 want to do Overwatch or BF4 or Hardline on Saturday night?

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I’ll do some BF4 saturday night @TheKlown4Life. What time you thinking about hopping on?

Probably my usual 9pm est

@DuvalFunk now i have to work tonight :worried: No Battlefield for me! Rain check