GRG LFG Thread 5/7

Let’s get some squads rolling tonight. Who’s playing what?

I have an unfortunate collision of shifts, which means I only have a few hours to sleep before getting up for work tomorrow.
Might be on for a short while, just not late.

In which case, probably Fortnite BR or Ghost Recon Wildlands - depending on who else is online.

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I’m looking for a Fortnite group, especially one that can carry.

I’ll probably be on fortnite but i’m guessing not until about 10pm at the earliest. Got some stuff to do tonight

Lies according to my calendar today is an Early May Bank Holiday.

It is.
However, I have to support our East Coast US customers - since you fuckers don’t like May I have to work.

So whilst my colleagues are all out enjoying the sun (it’s above 25C, so everyone is topless today), I’m inside toiling away.

Since everyone is back at work tomorrow, I have to go into the office.

I was there once when it was around 32C and I thought you were all going to melt.

I’'m sure we shared that same fear.
No doubt on that day we:

  • discarded many items of clothing
  • took several showers
  • turned on every fan we owned
  • constantly complained about the weather
  • constantly looked for shade
  • became incredibly burnt in a short period of time
  • consumed many ice creams, ice lollies, cold drinks and surprisingly little water

anybody down for Paladins on Xbox?

Got in a few games of Fortnite with @Grex @Rigonn and even @Kahuner who may have rage quit. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Pro-Tip for Fortnite, use Builder Pro setup.

Rigonn, Grex and I also played a few rounds of Paladins. Man, I love that game. I really wish people played that. My Ying is still on point. (even without a loadout since they wiped all previous settings).

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@Grex with perfectly timed Fernando charge to push the enemy off the point.


Rage quit for sure. Just getting back into gaming after finishing up the masters and having a little more free time. Hope to see you all around more.