GTA V - GRG Crew Page

Here is our crew page for GTA Online. If you get you need a invite send me a message.

I think we can use the same group for both PSN and Xbox Live. If not someone on the PS4 side can create one.


Great will join

I have GTA, and would love to play some Online now that things are settling down on my end.

We would love to see more clan mates on GTAV Online. We could have closed crew sessions and have a lot of fun.

What do you guys do in MP? I don’t get it.

Me and Pj end up fucking around more than anything, but there are a ton of missions to do, multiplayer matches, races, skydiving, etc. You can even create your own missions and maps. Heist should be here soon.

The things you can come up with to try and do are endless. It’s just a time sync of ass-hattery. In other words, it’s a lot of fun.

That’s really the best part of GTA’s online component - you can do what you want. I remember in GTA IV, some of the guys I gamed with back and I would fly helicopters over Central Park, jump out, and try to hit the lake in the middle. We were all drunk, so it never went well, and we’d have a spotter watching to see who was closest. Hell, if we had capture cards back then, we could have had some tremendous fail videos.

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Old thread but saw this is $40 at Amazon. Probably will pick it up though not sure if we have any action in here on it.

PJ and myself will always be down for some GTA mayhem.

$40 bucks? Must resist temptation.

Just bit on that price. Couldn’t pass it up.

Fuck you guys, I broke down and bought it. I want to see it on the XB1 and really want to finish the story.

BTW, do I need to start over? I assume so (save is probably local on the 360).

Yes. Your online will transfer but your SP will have to be new.

I don’t have shit in online. Oh well. Brand new story it is. I think I was almost halfway done it.

Wish they would release heists already. Haven’t been online in a while but I’d be up for it if others are playing. Just give me a shout!

My copy should be arriving today.

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I should have my copy today as well.

Got the game, installed the game. Restarted the SP. I figure this will keep me busy when I have nothing to do.

Also, signed up for the crew. I’m lowly muscle! :sob:

When do we want to group up and do some MP? I need someone to walk me through shit. Also, do we want to set up a GRG GTA night? Like maybe Tuesday or Thursday?

This game and Destiny last night kept crapping out on me after the update. So at some point for the third time I will have to begin the game again. Did join the crew though.