GTA with GRG

The last two GTA nights were successful, let’s see if we can make it 3! Join JohnnyHustler and the typical band of Misfits from GRG on 2/23 as we wreak havoc on San Andreas. Who knows…we may even complete a mission!

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This will be hosted by @anon42851937 da tym is 9PM. (Eastern. Damn Grumpkin forgot the time zone)


I updated the title and post since @anon42851937 is a slacker.

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I keep forgetting that the post only takes the body of the event. Whoops.

Shows how he listens since I told him there was no date.

I should be there…friend.

Did you see if it was on ?

Hey you lived didn’t you?

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This is part of the training that Lala put me through to get my position of corporate ax man. Literally FIRED


I may be on for this but I haven’t played GTA online sooooooooi


Planning on getting some time in.

Has anyone played the bumper cars on top of skyscrapers? To funny

I’ll be on for this as well. Earned about 500k last night. Might as well play when the moneys good.

I’ll be on for sure!