H1Z1 for PC

Anybody have this one on your radar?

I think it looks fun and would be a lot of fun with a group.


I have even gone back and played some DayZ solo lately. I just enjoy these types of games. I hope Sony does a good job with it.

I hope it turns out better than WarZ(Survival Stories now).

cool! We will have to hook up. Get us a group of survivors

Works for me. Glad to see the price point isn’t insane.

I have my eye on it. A couple things I’m worried about is the optimization of the game and I read somewhere that one (maybe more) game modes will be behind a paywall.

I really wish a dev would get their shit together in this genre.

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I’m sure it’s going to be released in a beta state and will receive lots of patches

btw. I’ve been listening to this. Pretty cool stuff

that radio station is neat

12 minutes of gameplay from ces

I think it looks cool as hell

Found a bug already. Deer spawning on the roof of buildings. LOL. Warping zombies wtf!

Oh lawd floating cars.

Lol. Yeah. Alphas are rough

Same bugs WarZ and DayZ had at some point. Pathing zombies must be a real bitch.

I don’t understand how these games have such issues with the pathing of zombies. It’s been an issue with dayz since day 1.

Side note I will most likely pick this tomorrow. Maybe we can get a group going this weekend.

Me too. We need voice chat thingy. Doors the site have one?

I will have it also. We can use skype if we have to.

The site used to. Shivtr gave us a 10 man mumble server. You can try RaidCall.

Nice free is always good. Surprised I haven’t come across this before.

The game has TEXT chat so we wouldn’t need hangouts. We could use a Xbox Live (xbox live parties are powered by skype) if everyone playing has their xbox near their PC. RaidCall is probably our best option.

ok. I downloaded the raidcall thingy. I’ll be on tomorrow when it releases. It’s gong to suck so bad. We all know it, but they have plans. WE WILL SURVIVE!

and sorry, my xbox is not close to my pc.