Halo MC collection --- Who else has got it ?

When I bought the Xbone it came with the Master Chief collection but I have not seen anyone in the clan playing , so wanted to know who else has a copy . I will admit though , my Halo skills have really gone to shit back in the day when played Halo 2 , been getting my ass owned in almost every game . I don’t know what happened to my once badass playing skills

I have it. Bought it during the sale they had a couple of months ago. I think @beers_and_leafs1 still has it as well.

Also @JohnnyCornholer has it as well.

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I also have it. It has been so broken I stopped keeping up with it.

It seemed fine to me , I’m trying to use to the button layout again . I keep throwing grenades at the wrong time which is not good when you are playing Hardcore games , teammates get a little pissed at my sometimes . LOL !!!

@djmeha and I have it… We tried doing campaign together and it was terribly glitchy.

I have it and only have used it as a coaster so far.

I got it as well. Let me know if you guys are interested in playing some private games.

I have it too, but have yet to play it. When I got it all
I heard about were the prolwms so I waited to try it.
And hen life moved on.

Had it for about 2 weeks for sp because the MP didn’t work. Traded it

I have it. Have not played it in a long while though.