Halo V gets new update next week

Big team battle ( 8 vs 8 ) and four new maps ( one is a remake of Blood Gulch ) . No date has been given when this will happen .

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Nice. following Monday i will run and event for it. Custom GRG match for Big team battle. You know you want to. I know @beers_and_leafs1 is excited.

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I’ll only play so I can hear your sexy voice…

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If there’s an update to make my aim better I’ll give it a shot.

I’m down for BTB one of my favorite modes. Is anyone having trouble adjusting to the shortened radar range? It seems almost useless to me as fast as gameplay is now.

Took a break from the 2xp in BLOPs3 and finally tried out the BTB. Basin / Valhalla is nice. It’s not a true copy of Valhalla which is fine. The middle is different, there’s a building to the one side. It’s also nice to start with BRs and ARs. I’m really enjoying this game mode.

There was an update today, not sure what it was. Guess bug fixes.