Did you want a Hawkmoon to use and dominate all over the worlds? Too bad it wont really be worth a shit! one year of exclusive but wont level up so basically FUCK YOU XBOX USERS!

So, the weapon that XBox users have waited a year for will be worthless by the time they get it? I swear, I think Bungie has let their RNGesus start making decisions on the direction of the franchise now.

Hawkmoon is carrying into year 2

Is it definitely still obtainable or is it only possible to carry an owned version into TTK and upgrade it?

Wondering the same for all pre-TTK exotics really…

Bungie will eventually bring all year one exotics to TTK just not all at once.

Is that your opinion or did they state that in an interview or something?

power fantasy

Look under Power Fantasy. dang yall making me confirm stuff. lol It’s from an interview Bungie had with Edge magazine.

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come to the dark side, you know Xbox One…

Mildly tempting.
Only for Halo 5 at the moment though.