Hello.. I am Ikaros. I am an addict.

Hello everyone!

I am Ikaros.

I am an IT Engineer, very casual gamer, but professional beer drinker… and Veldrin invited me to the community.


Well that’s not good to mention me, now your gonna get banned for sure lol.

Welcome aboard brother!

Welcome aboard.

Gotta bring you down with me! Never goin’ down alone.

Welcome to GRG

GT beers and leafs

Welcome to GRG!

@ikaros what system do you play on games are you playing?

Welcome to GRG


Currently PC only. I have not bought into this generation of consoles, I am waiting for nextgen because they will truly be NEXTGEN. As for PC games, I play RPG’s primarily… Starwars Galaxies Emulator, Civilization, etc… But I have FPS games as well that I play on occasion.

added you to the @PCGamers group.

Welcome to the community

Welcome @ikaros!!

The PC Master Race is currently addicted to PUBG, but we have players all over the spectrum.
When you go Next Gen and get an XBOX one X ( because that’s the smart choice) that is when all hell breaks loose.

Thanks for joining!

Welcome to the club

Obviously it’s a requirement for everyones handles to be bookended with X1X

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Welcome to GRG

Thanks everyone for the greetings!

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