Hi everybody, my name is Drew. I’m the father of two amazing girls and when I’m not with them, I love to play video games. Right now I’m really into D2. I hope we cross paths soon.


Welcome aboard. Xbox players make sure to add him to your friends list and @DestinyPlayers

Welcome to the madhouse. I’m on destiny most nights…I’ll send you a friend request.

Thanks guys. I’ll be out of town until Christmas Eve. I hope to get back to playing then.


Welcome aboard…

Welcome to GRG. I can usually be persuaded to play D2 most nights so shoot me an invite if u ever see me on. Just shot u a friend request GT: BrambledWhiskey

Welcome to GRG

GT beers and leafs

Welcome to the group! I’ll look forward to playing with you when you eventually succumb to the dark side and get a PS4.

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Welcome to the community.

Dont listed to Scuba. He just craves attention.

I added you to the @DestinyPlayers group so you will get notified of any group events or posts. Make sure to join the clan on bungie.



Welcome to GRG

Welcome man, I’m on D2 most nights, hopefully we’ll see you soon!

Welcome Drew.

Welcome to GRG! I see you’ve already been added to the @DestinyPlayers group.

I added you to my Friends list and sent you an invite to GRG’s XBox Club.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari

I’m finally back from my trip and I’m hoping to play tonight. I applied for the clan on Bungie.net but I’m still awaiting approval. Hope to play with everyone soon.


You should be all set now.

Welcome back. I approved the app on the Destiny clan. Should be good to go