I’m Drew, 33, former Air force . I was looking for an active gaming community to play with, since most my gamer friends only play competitive csgo these days. I found you guys! Looking forward to playing with you all on xbox, ps or PC. Mostly on PC or xbox. Current games are warzone, “GTFO”, csgo, dead by daylight, destiny 2 and path of exile.

Add me!
steam: steamcommunity.com/id/faceD1
xbox: GRG faceD


Welcome to GRG!

I added you to my friends list (on XBox) and sent you a GRG XBox club invite.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari

Welcome to the community plenty of players on Cod and destiny for sure

Welcome to the community!

Welcome Home

Welcome to GRG

GT on Xbone is beers and leafs

Welcome! GT is GiddyBasket928…

Welcome to GRG!