Hey everyone!

Hey there,

I’m Chris, new here but not to these communities as a whole. I’ve been part of a few different groups over the years (pork chop platoon, AXS Gaming, Over30Clan) and a few others that didn’t last long. Looking to get into some games with folks that like to have some drinks, some laughs and some wins (listed in order of importance).

As my bio states, 35 years old. Father of three (you will most likely hear children in the background when I’m on). Currently playing mostly COD and Destiny 2.

GT = Not Chris W


Welcome to the community and dont worry everyone bites you’ll get used to it

@codplayers and @destinyplayers we got another meat shield

Bite, or nibble?

tried to invite but you are blocking requests in Destiny 2…we are on every night…add me valiantvictory and we can sort it out in game

On Bungie.net my GT is Chris W8976. I didnt change it when i was playing around with new gamer tags.

same issue, I think you have it linked to the not Chris W image

Oh biting only, nibbling is for the weak

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Ah. The clan invite… I have some stuff to clean up in the current clan before turning over the admin spot. I’ll get it worked out by EOW.

Also, if theres room in the older raid plans, I’d be down for some leviathan and EOW. Been a minute since doing those. Got to add to the prestige clear number!

Just add your name into the thread for it and theyll get you sorted, signups get the priority while those who just show up without doing so get the leftovers and added as backups

Welcome to GRG!

I added you to my friends list and sent you an invite to GRG’s XBox club. You shouldn’t have trouble finding games as we have groups playing Destiny and CoD every night. Just hop into a a party and we’ll get you in a squad. Tonight is our Community Night, we’ll be running some Custom CoD games and shooting each other in the faces. There will also be a bunch of the Destiny guys grinding for more loot. As I said before, just hop into the parties or games. CoD will probably be game chat as we have PS4 and PC players joining.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari

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Welcome to GRG. if you see me on destiny feel free to join up!

i suspect so, we will run 4in the next few weeks, some time we run with 6 on fireteam and 8+ in the party and change over time or we get 2 groups if we get the 12

Welcome to GRG

Welcome to the community

Welcome to GRG GT is beers and leafs on the XBone

Hello Everyone, Appreciate the warm welcome form February! I had a bunch of stuff come up in the past few months (some ongoing), but looking to get back into the MP side of a few games. Will play WZ, Destiny 2 or Diablo 3 seasonal (showing my age here)… GT changed to Chris W2944

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welcome…back…HMU when you are in destiny…I’ll get you added and introduced…we have a good group…and this season has been insane GT: valiantvictory