Hey everyone

Hey I’m 32 from the UK and play on xbox most days. All my friends pretty much moved on and no long play video games any more. I’m fed up with playing with randoms and immature kid.

I’m married, no kids yet and work full time in a customer services team for a prosthetic company.

I have xbox game pass and I’ll play all type of games. Just looking for some cool chilled out people to play with.

My xbox gt is Cooky88 if you want to message me directly.


Welcome to the community. What games you playing right now.

Currently playing dragon age inquisition but want to get back into playing more online games like seige, cod, gears 5, battlefield, apex legends e.c.t.

Welcome to GRG.

GT is beers and leafs on the XBone

Welcome to GRG

Welcome to grg we always enjoy new meat shields lol it’s good to have you ill add you on xbox next time I hop on it

Welcome to GRG !