Hey fuckface

Mainly on the ps4 these days. Have been playing a lot of cod:aw lately. I’m not very good. I’d like to say what I lack in skill I make up with personality…but prolly not. But anywhooooo…yay…let’s fuck shit up together?

Welcome to GRG! Is your PSN tag the same as your forum name?

Welcome to the clan! I’m on XB1, so we won’t see each other in game. Stay away from Tuttle

Welcome to the community. Did you preorder blops 3 to get into the beta later this month? A lot of us will be playing that.

Psn: audible__silence

Welcome aboard.

Welcome to the clan.

It is :slight_smile:

FR sent!

I’ll hit ya up tonight when I log on. Friend request and gaming that is. I’ll sext but be prepared to read about a lot of shit going up your anus. Rawr


Looks like you had @RTuTTle86 at hello! :smiley:

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Welcome to Loony Bin! :hankey:

Welcome to our dysfunctional family! PSN: DaKlown4Life

I’ve Been trying to play more COD. Still have some that play. Waiting for the New weapons

Hey fuckface?

Tuttle hes talking to you.

Seems like you’ll fit right in.

PSN: Olz_3