Hey gang

Hey all

I’m Ry. You can call me Ry. Or call me Bone. Ya know…whatever works.

I’m 32, I’m into COD and Siege and Madden and Wildlands and that kind of thing. I’ve been into the clan/community idea over the years going as far back as Counter-Strike 1.3 (KGB*, RAVE) and later in TG on XBOX360 playing Modern Warfare 2.

These days my gaming has been more sporadic but now that I’m settled into work and fatherhood I’d like to make it a top hobby once again. I’m on PS4 currently and I am very excited for the new Call of Duty. I’ve been playing BO4 and MWR lately so if anyone is into that hit me up! Also let me know what you all are playing so I can add to my game inventory and play with ya!

Glad to be here. Thanks for having me!


Welcome to the asylum. We have a bunch getting the new COD and with crossplay i am sure you wont have a hard time getting in a group.

Some should be on the beta this weekend for sure.

Tg? Tactical Gaming? If so I was in that clan a long time ago as well, if not, ignore me. Also @PlayStationPlayers here is another one to get added to your lists. I’m hoping the cross play works out and they sort it out for borderlands 3. Would make gaming so much easier for everyone. Anyways welcome to Grg it’s good to have ya

Welcome to GRG!

I’ll get you added on PSN. I’ll definitely be getting the new COD and I play BO4 from time to time also Wildlands, Destiny and The Division 1 or 2.

My time is a bit sporadic right now but if you see me on definitely hit me up!

Welcome to the group.

Yes sir Tactical Gaming. I was called HYP3RP0W3R at the time.

I was Tg Souless for a while, was in destiny battlefield 4 and siege divisions, unfortunately there were…issues that I didnt like so I left and eventually found these monkeys




Welcome to the club ill get you added once i get home

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Thank you all. I’m looking forward to getting into your swing of things!



Welcome to GRG!

Welcome Ry.

I’m playing Borderlands 3 with the little time I currently have.
Looking at CoD MW during the upcoming beta weekend and Ghost Recon Breakpoint the weekend after too.

Will add you on PSN (Olz_3).

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