Hey everyone, Cat here 45 yrs old, husband and Dad. I like to restore old freestyle BMX bikes when I’m not gaming.

I jumped back on the Xbox one and currently playing Pub G a lot. My go to game is Destiny but lately have been bored with it. I play on both PS4 and Xbox but lately have spent more time on the One. I have Destiny for both, maxed on the ps4 and close to it on the One. If ya need a hand with something feel free to hit me up. GT is the same on both system,

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Welcome back.

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thank ya, glad to be back.

Welcome (back) Cat.

I got bored of D2 relatively quickly, been playing Fortnite (BR) and Rocket League on my PS4, with a little SP gaming on my X1 too.

Play a little on Steam too, though that’s mostly SP strategy games, in part cos I suck with k&m.

Will add you across all 3.

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I still play D2, I have done pretty much everything on PS4 so jumped on the One and did it all again. I haven’t played much the last couple weeks just bored with it but will be jumping back on for some pvp this week sometime with some buddies. Hope it gets better but I have my doubts sadly.

What’s up Cat? Look forward to gaming with you again.

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Thanks, same here. I have to build the Xbox library right now dependent on EA access. I have Destiny, Pub G and The Division bit nothing else really. I haven’t figured out what will be my next game that I dive into. Tried Monster Hunter and didn’t care for it.

I have those 3 but only play PUBG and Madden 18 really. On PUBG almost nightly

I have been lately, got a chicken dinner my 2nd night playing and got hooked but now it’s been elusive. Have to work on my gun skills and looting. I either get wrecked in the beginning or make it to top 20 and do something dumb and get killed.

I know the feeling. We can potato out together

lol, sounds good. I haven’t tried duo’s. Played some 4 man with some good players and won but it wasn’t by anything I did. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Grex is hosting a PUBG event tonight, so we shouldn’t have any trouble getting a full squad

Each of my victories in Fortnite BR I was completely carried.
Usually got “lucky” with quiet runs all the way to the end too.


I have no clue how I won, beginners luck and the last zone was sniper free.

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Welcome back Cat!

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thanks @anon42851937