Hi im New here

Hello everyone im NegativeScope. I am happy to be and ready to play some games. I am pretty much open to playing any games. I mostly at the moment play Fortnite, Division 2, Destiny 2, and Anthem, and sometimes BF5.

I also play guitar. I about to finish college finally…

I do computer stuff for work, I have a couple dogs, One wife,

Im not sure what else I can say here so feel free to ask questions.



Welcome to Grg we have plenty of people that play most of those games except Anthem, it’s kinda dead for now, but a lot of us are hoping for a comeback.

Welcome to the community.

Welcome! Throw up your GT and Steam ID so people can get you added.

Welcome. What system are you on? Time zone?

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My Steam Is NegativeScope
My Origin Is NegativeScope
My Epic is xNegativeScopex
Twitter is NegativeScope

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My Steam Is NegativeScope

I have PC, Xbox, Playstation, Switch

Do you play your other consoles much or mostly PC?
Throw out your console handles if you do.

My PlayStation handle is Negt1vescope. My Xbox has been collecting dust as of lately.

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Sent a FR on Steam


Welcome…if playing destiny 2 on xbox i’m your guy…if playstation or pc @unobtainaballs can get you in clan