Hi new guy here

Hi all snowman here real name bill just thought I tell you a bit about my self.
Right 1st off I play pc most but I do have a ps4 to so I looking to join ps4 destiny and pc might as well keep in same clan.
I play a lot of game’s I have over 500 in my steam account, I love to build pc’s to so any help I can give is fine. As a job I work full time for NHS it looking forward to chatting to you guys ,
I am a bit shy to start will and I apologise for that but I do my best.
Well I don’t know what else to tell you this for invite and men you guys online.


Welcome to the site. Bunch of great people here so once you get past the shyness you will find some great people to game with.

Welcome! I’ll help you come out of your shell by spamming invites when I’m on bwahahahaha

Welcome to GRG.

welcome to the community.

Welcome to GRG


Welcome Bill.

I’ve added you to the PCGamers and PS4Players forum groups.
There are other forum groups here if you want to join any of them.

I’ve sent you a FR on PSN (Olz_3), can’t find you on Steam though, maybe try to find me? (unobtainable).
I can then invite you to our PSN and Steam communities, just makes it easier to find and add other GRG members through this - we don’t use them for anything else.

Sent you an invite to the Destiny 2 in-game clan for your PSN account, you can use this link to request an invite for your Bnet account for PC.

That is an impressive Steam backlog there… I think we had a thread a while back of our screenshots from a site that totalled your Steam library costs/value.

What do you do for the NHS?
I am a huge supporter and my company actually provides software to most trusts in the UK.

This for the nice Greeting guys I work on the switchboard as it tech I will add you all on steam looking forward once I get my light lvl up a bit to raid with you guys on ps and ps4.
I need to get season pass for pc should get that soon.
I joined the steam group to my battle net I’d is snowman#22553.

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Welcome to GRG! I see you’ve already been added to the @PlayStationPlayers and the @PCGamers groups. I added you to the @DestinyPlayers group.

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