HoW Drops

Anyone get any good drops yet from the DLC? Crucible, etc…

All i have gotten so far is the new sidearm Vestian Dynasty which is cool. Hyperlink the destiny db link for the tooltip.

PoE yielded a Her Benevolence sniper rifle and the Universal Remote.

I should reroll the sniper I picked up to try to get something better. I forgot that you could do that.

I got the new exotic helmet for the Titan the [Eternal Warrior][1] from PoE

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went through the base level on PoE last night with @Lala_Calamari and @mnvikesfan. I actually kind of like it. the objectives during the horde make it interesting.

Either way got some nice loot.

You can make a scout rifle fully auto?

Looks like that helmet has decent perks.

Creepy as hell though.

Motes of light, one strange coin, the pistol and emblems everyone gets. :weary:

I just got “Her Benevolance” and “Universal Remote” from lvl 28 PoE! Armor core from the lvl 32 one!