How to watch the Google GDC 2019 Gaming announcement: Start times,...

Google (you know, the company that tells you how to make french toast or get to the nearest ATM in town) is about to announce the gaming project its been working on for the last half decade, otherwise codenamed as Google Yeti. Right now, there’s all sorts of speculation over what’s hiding behind the curtain, including a new console, a streaming service, a gaming controller, and a bunch of potential new Google exclusive video games.

But we won’t know the concrete details until Google itself unveils Google Yeti in all its glory, so you’re probably wondering how to watch the announcement event later today, which takes place at GDC 2019. Luckily for you, we’ve got all the details right here on how, when, where, and why you should be watching the Google Yeti livestream today, so scroll down below for the information you need to stay up to date with Google’s impending debut on the gaming scene.

When can I watch the Google GDC livestream?

The Google Yeti announcement takes place today, March 19, at 10 AM PDT/1PM EDT/5PM GMT/6PM CET . The livestream is expected to last around 90 minutes, though it’s unclear how much of that will go into detail about the specifications of Google Yeti, or whether the first 30 minutes will just be company executives spouting meaningless tech buzzwords. You can add the event, funnily enough, to your Google calendar here, which organically adapts to your current timezone to make life easier.

Where can I watch the Google GDC livestream?

It won’t be a surprise to anyone versed in Silicon Valley politics that Google is hosting its Yeti livestream on YouTube, which is a subsidiary of the company itself. You can already find the show online here, which also lets you set a reminder for when the event itself is about to start. Alternatively, Google has even set up its own website for the impending livestream, which includes more details about what’s in store, and an embedded link to the YouTube page.

How can I watch the Google GDC livestream?

So long as you have a device that can run YouTube and is connected to a decent internet connection, be it a desktop, smartphone, or gaming console, you’ll be able to watch the Google Yeti livestream by simply clicking over to the links given above. If you won’t be around during the time of the event itself, you can sign up to Google’s gaming mailing list for bitesize updates straight to your inbox as soon as the Yeti is announced, or stick around with GamesRadar+ for written coverage of all the major highlights.

What will be in the Google GDC livestream?

Right now, the details remain hazy. We know that renowned game developers like Uncharted 3’s Amy Hennig, Assassin’s Creed’s Jade Raymond, id Software (Doom), and more have been recruited by Google for some GDC talks, which suggests we could be seeing the announcement of some exclusive titles on the new platform. But what does that platform look like, exactly?

The current bookies are on a new console that takes advantage of Google’s in-house streaming software, but others are suggesting not to get too excited. We’ll be covering the event live here at GamesRadar+, and will be sure to let you know once we hear firm details about the Google Yeti’s specifications.

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Thanks man, I totally would’ve missed this otherwise.

it will be waaay to long, like an awards show…but i will try to listen while at work

i added it to the GRG calendar. should show a reminder in Discord. if it reads it in time. Kinda close so not sure it will work.

Doesn’t look like it did.

watched listened…it has my attention…I’m so cautiously optimistic these days on anything…so I’ll wait and see

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Now a days we have to don’t we?

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Doesn’t seem unreasonable?

Well…I suspect that’s 25x25… i have this…I don’t think it would work


I don’t doubt the future of gaming is streaming. Music, movies and TV are already there. technology is not the problem. Its the infrastructure to support it. Unfortunately I still think we are sorely behind the ball on that one.

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I think this is great. Obviously not for most of us but the tech is great and it’s great that it will be supported by more than M$.

I agree with streaming services being the future. I think the way they will have to do it will be a revolution of a new though on how to code. They will have to rely on anticipation more than anything. What benefits local is the input sensitivity