Howdy everyone!

I’m Anna, 26, and from Texas. I grew up around video games, and have been an avid xbox player for the past 16 years. Grew up playing on XBC (if anyone even remembers that) with the good ole’ Halo: CE.

I’m coming back into gaming from a little over a year and a half hiatus. Got out of an abusive relationship, and just never had the funds to get back into gaming until now. I’m currently in a community, but I will leaving it soon because I don’t feel like I fit in anymore with that group of people (and not to mention my ex is still apart of it).

I play mainly first-person shooters, and played Halo competitively through theAGP and Halo50k before it turned into MLG. I’m still somewhat competitive, but I’ve toned it down quite a bit.

I have two dogs; an Alaskan Malamute and a German Shepherd. I hope to be getting another german shepherd early in 2018. My dogs are spoiled rotten and basically run the house.

I also recently got engaged, and I’ll be doing whatever I can to get out of planning a wedding and all the other “fun” stuff that goes with that type of nonsense. Ha-ha. I’d be fine just going to a courthouse and eating some good bbq or hibachi food afterwards.

I look forward to getting to know all of you, and hope to be joining in on the good times soon!

– Anna


Welcome aboard!

Alrighty! Welcome Anna! The people in this community are weird. All they ever wanna do is play videogames…they need to get a life…

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Welcome to the club

Welcome to GRG

GT beers and leafs

Welcome Anna! Just remember you chose to be here with us. LOL.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes!

Welcome to GRG. Sent a FR your way.

Welcome to GRG Anna

FR sent, GT Sniper T1 on the X1.

I got D2 to download last night, and had my Xbox update and I kept seeing people add me and I was like “who are these people”…

This morning it makes sense hahaha

Thanks for all the requests guys. Hope to be on today with my a50s working

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Hey Anna

I have added you to the PS4Players, PCGamers and DestinyPlayers forum groups.
Here is a thread on what the forum groups do.

Let Grex/Lala know if you want to join HaloPlayers or request an invite on this page.

Sent you a FR on PSN (Olz_3) and on Steam (unobtainable).
I don’t have an Xbox (yet).

You can join the PSN, XBL and Steam communities - which can make it easier to find/add other GRG members on those platforms.

Dogs look adorable.

Hey! Welcome to the community! Your dogs are adorable. I’ll add you on PSN (Scuba_Steve1984). I love playing Destiny so if I see you on I’ll send you an invite, and feel free to do the same if you see me. Also, congrats on the engagement!