I rebought Destiny

Well hell must have froze over because i bought Destiny…again! Seriously i never got to play this game with a group so i missed out on the full experience which may have left me with a bad taste in my mouth( kind of like when Crid wakes up after a night drinking with Tuttle) i am willing to give it another shot though. With the annoucement if Rise of Iron today all of the TTK editions are 50% off on PSN (so about $30) and the new expansion costs $30 so i cant complain about the cost. I am posting this to ask for help from the PS4 Destiny masters to get me back into the swing of this game and make me remember why i bought it originally. Who’s up for the challenge?


Hmm maybe I will, I been trying to push myself to mess around with Destiny again

yeah i will, i have played Overwatch with @Karas, but haven’t seem @AlphaMack around in a bit

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I’ll have to clear room on my drive and reinstall, but I’d love to do some fireteam co-op or raiding, since I also never got to play in a group and hear I really missed out. I was probably going to reinstall anyway to try the new expansion.


this was my issue as well, i could only solo for so long

Yeah, I got back into it with TTK but after while I felt like I’d seen all the solo stuff I was going to and it was just a difficulty ramp and gear grind. I guess that’s Destiny in a nutshell but it does have good emergent play so seems like a party would make it a lot better.

you did more than me i quit between expansion 2 and 3 never saw TTK so i definately got some grinding to do. We have some very good and dedicated Destiny people on PS4 @Karas @AlphaMack @catsweat also i hope with the new expansion coming more will be drawn back in for a bit

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TTK has some great content, actually. I think you’ll be pleased with the revamp. I went back with a new toon through the original and HoW content too and it’s not bad. TTK modified a lot of the old missions, I think, to include the Taken.

I’d just uninstalled it when I got The Division and needed the space, and then that turned out to be even less exciting solo. That’s another one I need to group up for to get the real experience.

I have the division digitally with the season pass so i will always have it as well


I started the Destiny re-install, so would be up for teaming at some point.

I don’t remember what level my existing toons are on it but I’d be happy to raise another one from scratch to try out a different class/build.

It’d be cool to take a tour through The Division teamed up too, but my toon is super low-level there since the game didn’t grab me, and I’m completely uninvested in it at this point. Starting over would probably be the best bet there.

I will be hitting division again if u need some help…once my crack like addiction for Overwatch passes.

If ur on Ps4 my gamer tag is JiggyFat

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