If you're looking for something new/old to watch...

Try out the Australian show Rake on Netflix. There was a US version that tanked, probably because the main character couldn’t be as much of a fuck up as he is in the Aussie version for censoring reasons.

It’s really good.

There are actually four seasons of this show, even though only two are available on Netflix.

Read a book about undercover in the vagos. Was a good read. Wonder if the show is based off the same title.

Started watching Rake, it’s pretty good.

This isn’t so bad a show…which is unusual from the History Channel. I half keep expecting Charlie to go find an expert to value his bike. My only gripe with it is the same one I’ve always had with the HC; this is pretty much fantasy. It’s not based on facts, it’s based off the undercover guy’s word. He could be, and probably is, full of shit. At least he isn’t advocating some kind of alien biker club.

Isn’t that Keanu Reeves character in ‘The Replacements’?

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Yeah, but I’m pretty sure the book’s probably bullshit too. If you watch the show it has a disclaimer “according to C.Falco” at the beginning. They wouldn’t do that if there was ATF or FBI corroboration, they’d say this is a dramatization of a true story.

The show’s just fantasy, but it’s still entertaining.

I’m half-way through the second season. Parts of it are quite insightful. But mostly it’s just watching a fucking train wreck.