I'll try to keep this brief......

Hello all…new guy here with obligatory first post.

Started gaming with Pong in the 70’s, and never stopped. Married, no kids, steady job…living the dream here in North East PA. I enjoy most types of games, but RPGs and FPSs are my go-to’s. The problem I’ve been having is not sticking with a game when something new comes along. I never seem to get anywhere. So, I’m going to try to keep it to like 3 or so games at a time for a change. This will be Destiny, Halo 5, and Blops 3. Ok, and Battlefront too, as I am a huge Star Wars nerd. You could mold a bust of Boba Fett out of Himalayan white cat shit and I’d buy 2.

Anyway, thanks for reading…and I hope to see you guys around. Just be warned…my skills are pretty non-existent…if I go 3-14 in COD I’m having a great day.



Welcome to GRG. It’s gonna be a fun time with the new games coming, especially BLOPS3. I’m adding you to on the X1 now. Feel free to spam anyone for invites.
GT: The Body Farmer

Welcome to the party. Your skills are matched within this group. You and @anon42851937 should battle it out for lowest k/d :smile: . Lots of people playing the titles you listed, so crash parties and let’s shoot shit!

TexasReaperCrew on XB1

Welcome to the Party. Shootin you a FR now.

PSN: Audible__Silence

Welcome to GRG! Sent a FR on XBL (JohnnyHustler) and PSN (JohnnyBigRed)

Welcome to our own little corner of hell lol. PSN:Daklown4life

Welcome added on Xbone.


Welcome to hell.

I recenntly had a shit storm with my XBone and External HD and am not going through all the shit of reinstalling everything again, so I’m really only playing Arkham Knight and Mad Max right now, but I am a casual COD player so I will be on playing BLops 3 when it drops.

GT beers and leafs

welcome to the asylum.

GT XBL: Grex

Welcome to the community! PSN is AlphaMack

XBL Sniper T1

Welcome to the clan !!! Xbox gamer tag is HAWKLANDER and will be playing a lot of BLOPS 3 and maybe a little HALO V latter on when the hype dies down .

Welcome. A lot of us have gamers ADHD so you should fit right in.

Thanks for the warm welcome. I’m looking forward to grouping with you guys in the very near future.

Welcome. GT Mohawk Viking.

Welcome to the party. I added you to XBL - (Kennedad). My PSN is nearlybr0k3n but I hate my PS4 and generally have to force myself to play it…

Welcome, those skills fit perfect w/Disney’s k/d.

Welcome to the Community. I’ve added you to my friends list.

XB1 GT - Lala Calamari

@grimdawg83 it’s not a clan, its a community…remember!!!

Welcome to the COMMUNITY!


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