Ruh-Roh George! Inhumans is getting terrible reviews. It’s a shame as I was looking forward to this one because I was looking forward to seeing Iwan Rheon be the bad buy again (nothing would top Ramsey though). Marvel has really been pushing Inhumans hard (and phasing X-Men out) as they own the TV / Movie rights to this franchise.

I will give it a shot anyway.
Some improve over time.

I am still looking forward to The Gifted.

OMG, this is bad. Just watched the first episode and it was painful to get through. Anyone else watch this?

Should I go for episode 2?

I haven’t watched any but have read nothing but negativity regarding that show.

I thought it was terribad! Worse then lala and digitals performances at the glory hole!

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Episode 2 wasn’t any better? Or did you not get that far?

Lol… Gave up after the first one… I mean… It was really really bad… B… No C

And… The redhead… Medusa? Was hotter without all the hair… Sad


I may muscle through the 2nd episode to see if it picks up.

I don’t get why people would say Maximus is really a bad guy. He’s not an inhuman and his type are set to work in the mines. Seems like he has a legit reason to revolt…

This isn’t available in UK either.
Pretty sure it’s getting quite bad reviews though.

I gave this a good try, I got 4 or 5 episodes in before I decided that the show isn’t that great lol

I never got to the 2nd episode. I’m not a Black Bolt or Inhumans fan in the slightest. And I couldn’t stomach watching him stare at people all episode long (for those that don’t know, he can’t speak without unleashing a massive “death wave” or whatever it’s called).

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Yeah… One epi and I was done.