Insider Program problems , on the Xbox Windows 10 update ???

Is anyone , on the Insider Program having issues with the update that came out on 10/9 ? When the console updated on 10/7 , everything worked well but then last night , while teaming up with Disney on Battlefront Beta , I got another update , which made me re-boot console . Since then I am having problems getting to the dashboard , can not join party , games freezing up , videos just stop and go back to dashboard showing previous app/game . Everything was working fine with the Windows 10 update on the Program and now it is a complete fail . Wonder what happen ?

Ahem I don’t have it of course thanks to you liars but I have heard reports of problems with the latest updates.

Beta Software gotta love it.

Have you hard booted the box. power down and unplug it for 30 sec and then power it back up.

If that does not work you can always opt out of the new UI within the preview program and go back to the old UI.