Introducing fox, PS2 for PS4 amongst other shooters

Hello, everyone. I am wild fox, i play The battlefield series, aswel as PS2 for PC and PS4, i have been looking for a group of gamers thst seem to fit mt personality, i havnt been able to link up with anyone in game yet. But have seen quite a few terrories taken by the GRG. Look forward to squading up with some of you guys, happy hunting


Welcome. We JUST finished for the night. We decided to be the purple spandex princesses to night just for a change of pace. eh, i like NC better i think. didnt get a chance to try their MBT tho…

anyway, I prolly wont be on till sunday or monday as i am usually social on the weekends. @AlphaMack, @SpiderDice, and @Klown4Life will probably be on throughout the weekend. Don’t be afraid to jump into our Slack Chat room to BS and get to know us outside of PSN.

is your PSN Wildfox?

PSN: Audible__Silence

edit: oh and Klown is hosting a battlefield 4 night soon. im sure he’ll give you the details.


Welcome, British guy here but I usually tag on a few nights for some PS2 - sure I’ll see you there.

Psn: Olz_3

Welcome! FR sent!

Welcome PSN:DaKlown4Life

Trying to get a group together on BF4 on 8/28 hope to see you there

Aloha and welcome!

PSN: X3roH3ro88

Welcome homie! PSN: DuvalFunk

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I added a bunch of you so far, i will be on today however the mik on my headaaid just went, i have mt camera but im not a fan of the quality. So il be hitting gamestop today for an upgrade. Happy hunting

Hey fox, welcome to the group. I logged in last night an sent an invite blast to your PSN id for the PS2 Outfit. If you didn’t get it, no worries, I’ll be on tonight. @Audible_Silence will probably be too

I didnt recieve an outfit invite, PS2 is a bit glitchy, i have you guys on my PSN. But i noticed last night with mt girlfriend that friending the PSN doesnt friend the Ps2 Name. My name on genudinenis WyldfoxFH the original was taken. But my PSN is wildfoxfh, sorry for the confusion. I will be on a decent amount today. Shoot me a message on PSN and we will square this all up when you guys log in. HAPPY HUNTIN, the TR have been Zerging alot since last night.

yeah i think you have to be online to use the PSN ID to friend request. I’ll be on tongit… my friends wanna go bowling tho, trying to get out of it.

Welcome to GRG! That PS2 crew is getting bigger and bigger, you’re in good hands

Met alpha mack today. Me and him where 2 manning for alittle bit. Before the TR zerged us. Appologizes to @alphamack. For not saying good by had an appointment and i thinj you where afk. Def look forward to more newb killing with you guys. Happy hunting


i will def be on tuesday… had a rare “all our old friend wanna go out” night. its 2:30am and im dreading the slight hangover.

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Hey man, had a good time. No worries about leaving, people come and go all the time. I’ll be on tonight most likely. Also, Wednesday is “community night” (around 8pm est ish), a lot of us will be on then playing games (GTA, PS2, Rocket League).