Heyo! 30 year old gaming chef. I work nights but can typically play between 11-3am

whitedeathOMAHA is my psn, and I play on ps4 almost every night.

Lets play some Destiny and I can give you some cooking tips and witty banter.

I really love cussing and being crude but am also very respectful and stay away from words/ comments that could be considered racist or mean spirited. I just really like to have a good time is all,

Just friend request me with the GRG in the messege and I will add you and we can play.

Really want to raid ( never been able to over the 2 plus years I’ve been playing ) and I play a lot of clash. I typically can retain a 1-2 plus kd most nights. I no long smoke or drink but don’t mind it one bit. Its your life!

Thanks y’all


Welcome to GRG

Welcome aboard.

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to GRG.

Welcome to GRG. Hook up with @TheKlown4Life and @catsweat for some PS4 action.

Thanks everyone!

Welcome to the isle if misfit toys lol! FR sent, we can definitely do some raiding

Welcome to the community.

Welcome to the Reapers!!

Welcome to GRG.

I’m on Xbox, but welcome anyway!

Welcome to GRG

Welcome bud - sounds like you will fit right in here (wahey).

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Welcome to da crew! PSN = DuvalFunk

Welcome to GRG